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[movies]08 Saved Accoustic
Saved Accoustic
Keywords: atheist
Downloads: 7
Keywords: Atheist
Downloads: 2
Keywords: Atheist
Downloads: 2
Keywords: Atheist
Downloads: 2
Keywords: Atheist
Downloads: 2
Keywords: Atheist
Downloads: 2
Keywords: Atheist
Downloads: 2
Keywords: Atheist
Downloads: 4
Keywords: Atheist
Downloads: 2
[audio]Jeff Wilburn and Jay Smith on Religion - KMO
Just the interview portion of C-Realm Podcast episode 314: Peak Athiesm
Keywords: atheist
Downloads: 21
[audio]The Angry Atheist #2 w/ Shay Chandler - Reap Paden
On this podcast Reap talks with Shay Chandler who lives in TX and is an open Atheist.We cover the obvious questions and wonder through various other subjects. It’s not scripted and when you hear it you’ll know why. Thanks for hanging out Shay. Podcast: Play in new window | Download
Keywords: atheist podcast; atheist; angry atheist
Downloads: 2
[audio]The Angry Atheist #141 w/ Andrew Wilson - Reap Paden
 Andrew Wilson joins the podcast to talk about  the story of Noah's Ark and some of the obvious problems with the arguments used by  young earth creationists. Andrew was so deep into the church he actually applied to be a minister and was accepted he talks about what happened when he was interviewed for the position. How important is it to be an atheist versus being a skeptic? Science has one strength that religion lacks what is it and are we teaching science the proper way?You can find Andre...
Keywords: atheist; angry atheist; atheist podcast; religion; jesus
Downloads: 1,078
[unknown]Usenet groups within alt.atheist from
Usenet newsgroups within "alt.atheist", contributed courtesy of These captures omit most binary posts.
Keywords: alt.atheist
Downloads: 35
[audio]ReapSowRadio #74 - Reap Paden
This week we talk about the block-bot that has become so popular among paranoid skeptics and atheists with no interest in discourse.  Are the days of debate based on ideas alone gone?     What are some of the events both man-made and natural that are threatening mankind and what are the chances one of these scenarios will actually occur? Woman claims to have an ability to regrow cheek bones and cure grapefruit size tumor by way of god ...
Keywords: skeptic; atheist
Downloads: 502
[audio]ReapSowRadio #70 - Reap Paden
Robert Darby from the Dumbed Down Atheist podcast joins Reap and Brian. Mr Darby attempts to clear up his position on the Aborigines and Tasmania and ends up hanging out for the entire show. While it would be ideal to list all the topics discussed on the show the list would far too long. Here are the main points-Australian ball player killed in OKGirls abductor leaves life insurance to her grandmotherMayor of San Diego facing harassment chargesSolar mass ejection heads towards earthDo Double S...
Keywords: atheist; skeptic
Downloads: 114
[audio]ReapSowRadio #72 - Reap Paden
 This week we talk about PZ Myers and discuss whether he can regain control of his comment section.What are some good ways to control the comment section of your blog?Is there anything on the net worth paying a subscription for?Building uses solar power to melt cars Google glassSkepchick leaves Dragon Con when told to follow the same rules as everyone else Man get revenge with tweetsGo to Responsible Charity and help if you can...
Keywords: skeptic; atheist
Downloads: 426
[audio]Witnessing to Jacob
Witnessing to Jacob
Keywords: evangelism atheist
Downloads: 9
[audio]Witnessing to AJ the Atheist
Witnessing to AJ the Atheist
Keywords: Evangelism Atheist
Downloads: 22 (1 review)
[texts]Is There Really One True God - ME
Is There Really One True God
Keywords: Atheist; Atheism
Downloads: 103
[audio]Andre Smith Jr./Nate Velar Atheist Talk - 1 - Nate Velar
Atheist Talk 11-15-2011
Keywords: atheist; religion
Downloads: 67
[audio]St. Rita Theology Guild: Atheist Delusions 2. Chs 1and 2
A discussion of the St. Rita Theology Guild, St. Rita, Dallas.
Keywords: Atheist Delusions
Downloads: 18
Was ist Islam? Atheisten
Keywords: islam atheist
Downloads: 928
[audio]ReapSowRadio - Reap Paden
Ernest joins the show this week to tell us about global warming ,  polar bear extinction, carbon taxes, and cannabis as a cure for over 100 diseases. There is some debate on those subjects among the hosts and the guest to say the least.
Keywords: atheist; atheist podcast; conspiracy; theory
Downloads: 124
[audio]ReapSowRadio #93 - Reap Paden
This week Brian,  Reap, and Terry are joined by Carl, Troy and Sara to talk about-Dave Brockie from GWAR dies Fred Phelps diesDoes the bible support the big bang?Joel Osteen's money is still missingDuring the 2nd hour we call the Church of Scientology and ask them some questions about, what else?  We got some interesting answers from their representative too so you don't want to miss it 
Keywords: Scientology; religion; atheist podcast; atheist
Downloads: 339
[audio]ReapSowRadio #85 - Reap Paden
Reap talks about the latest chapter in his tow truck saga , Brian wants Terry off the show ,  Terry  comes on the show sick and possibly a little tipsy to demand we all use Celsius,  Carl calls in to talk about the weather, and Mr Dragonbeard calls in to listen.  The Church of Satan wants to claim the term "Satanism" as their own kinda like the way  Christians want to own the word "marriage"
Keywords: satanism; atheist; atheism; atheist podcast
Downloads: 127
[audio]ReapSowRadio #92 - Reap Paden
Reap, Terry, and Brian talk about Terry's local weatherFred Phelps is voted out of his own houseKevin Trudeau goes to jail ..YAY!Man offer $5000 reward for catHigh school Preacher offers to pay for church member's tattoosChurch uses guns to lure in membersTroy calls in 
Keywords: atheist podcast,reapsowradio; kevin trudeau; atheist podcast; atheism; atheist
Downloads: 305
[movies]حرية التعبير و التعرض للذات الإلهية - Arab Atheist Broadcasting
ماهي حرية التعبيرة؟ لماذا فقط في الشرق الاوسط تسن قوانين تمنع التعرض للذات الإلهية والذات النبوية والذات الملكية؟ هل نحن ذاهبون لدكتاتورية دينية تقدس الاشياء وتحتقر البشر؟ هذا وغيره الكثير نناقشه في الحلقة القادمة من إذاعة الملحدين العرب يوم الجمعة الثاني من حزيران الساع...
Keywords: Muslim; Arab; atheist; broadcasting; Arab atheist broadcasting
Downloads: 16
[audio]حرية التعبير و التعرض للذات الإلهية(audio)( - Arab Atheist Broadcasting
ماهي حرية التعبيرة؟ لماذا فقط في الشرق الاوسط تسن قوانين تمنع التعرض للذات الإلهية والذات النبوية والذات الملكية؟ هل نحن ذاهبون لدكتاتورية دينية تقدس الاشياء وتحتقر البشر؟ هذا وغيره الكثير نناقشه في الحلقة القادمة من إذاعة الملحدين العرب يوم الجمعة الثاني من حزيران الساع...
Keywords: Muslim; Arab atheist broadcasting; Arab; atheist; broadcasting
Downloads: 19
[audio]The Angry Atheist #134 w/ Russell Blackford 2nd appearance - Reap Paden
Russell Blackford takes the honor of being the first guest to appear for a second time on The Angry Atheist podcast. Russell is an Australian writer, philosopher, and literary critic. He talks about his latest book release 50 Great Myths About Atheism and about his soon to be released (early 2014) book titled  Humanity Enhanced: Genetic Choice and the Challenge for Liberal Democracies. We also discuss his current work in progress Intelligence Unbound: The Future of Uploaded and Machine...
Keywords: atheist podcast; russell blackford; angry atheist
Downloads: 1,392
[audio]The Angry Atheist #133 w/ Sean Boudreaux - Reap Paden
The Angry Atheist welcomes Sean Boudreaux to the podcast . Sean was an outspoken member of the armed services up until recently and he talks about the influence of atheism and religion on the military.  Sean also grew up Catholic and he tells us about how his atheism has effected his relationship with his family. He also remembers the exact moment he became an atheist. We also talk about feminism and skepticism...
Keywords: atheism; atheist; military; catholic; angry atheist
Downloads: 2,122
[audio]ReapSowRadio #105 - Reap Paden
With Terry still out on vacation ( lazy bastard) Reap and Brian are joined by Carl from Post Rapture LootingTopics included are as followsSkype sucksBrian gets a FleshlightPat Robertson says some more stupid shitChipolte sexReap's workplace issuesThanks to everyone who has helped Reap out so he can get back on track. Feel free to support the podcast by making a $.50 per podcast donation. That's how it will keep going  cause money makes the world turn round or something like that. Support Opti...
Keywords: atheist podcast; skeptic; atheist humor; news
Downloads: 158
[audio]Ghosts, devils, and Deah - Arab Atheist Broadcasting
May 18 2012 Program
Keywords: Atheist Arab Islam Ghosts
Downloads: 10
[audio]TWL Live! Iain Juby PWNage - Trolling With Logic
The TwL team take on Iain Juby AKA WazoolooSpecial guests : DPRjones & Sir Strife.
Keywords: creationism; science; atheist; geology
Downloads: 645
[audio]March 4, 2012 Presentation
This is a recording of Jon Lindgren's presentation to the LSF meeting on March 4, 2012. Jon is the current president of the Red River Freethinkers in Fargo, North Dakota. He spoke about how the RRF is organized and the various acitivities in which they have been involved. Chief among these are a challenge to the display of a ten commandments monument on city hall property. This suit is still in the courts and they are uncertain as to the final outcome...
Keywords: freethinker; atheist; agnostic
Downloads: 23
Logo for AAL used on our site
Keywords: ArabAtheistLibrary; Atheist; Islam
Downloads: 6,127
[movies]2012-07-20_اول حلقة للفريق الجديد, الله يتصل علي الهوا - Arab Atheist Broadcasting
حلقة مفتوحة للتعارف علي المذيعين الجدد و مداخلات من مشاهدين علي الهوا في هذه الحلقة الاولي للفريق الجديد اتصل الله بالاذاعة موقع الاذاعه وحسابنا على سكايبى Skype:arabatheistbroadcasting موقع الإذاعة على بلوج تي في قناة الإذاعة على يوتب h...
Keywords: arab; atheist; broadcasting
Downloads: 249
Presenter: David Broman, LSF member and educator, "Winning the Lost"
Keywords: atheist; freethinker; bible; fundimentalist
Downloads: 24
[audio]Atheists at the Table; Mar. 6, 2009 - Edwinn
Episode dealing with Christian v. Atheist morals, more Washington State idiocy, a Brazilian girl raped and the injustices following, and more...
Keywords: Atheist; atheism; religion; christianity
Downloads: 99
[audio]Atheists at the Table; Apr. 3, 2009 - Atheists at the Table
Show From: April 3, 2009
Keywords: Atheism; atheist; religion; christianity
Downloads: 224
[audio]God 1
Steph and MAtt discuss religion, morality and say a few testy things of offensive
Keywords: God; morality; atheist; sexism
Downloads: 19
[audio]مستقبل الاسلام و الاديان الاخرى 2012-07-13(audio) - Arab Atheist Broadcasting
حلقة يوم الجمعة 2012-07-13 بعنوان مستقبل الاسلام و الاديان الاخري موقع الاذاعه وحسابنا على سكايبى Skype:arabatheistbroadcasting موقع الإذاعة على بلوج تي في قناة الإذاعة على يوتب حساب الإذاعة على فيسبوك
Keywords: arab; atheist; broadcasting
Downloads: 16
[audio]2012 06 15.mp3 - Arab Atheist Broadcasting
Keywords: arab; atheist; broadcasting
Downloads: 9
[audio]Atheists at the Table; Apr. 17, 2009 - Atheists at the Table
Show From: Apr. 17, 2009
Keywords: Atheism; atheist; religion; christianity
Downloads: 249
[audio]ReapSowRadio #101 - Reap Paden
Reap, Terry, Brian, and Carl talk about-How to deal with an angry atheist in a debateDo names of hurricanes effect how many people get killed?Diaper theftDangerous street namesTeacher bad mouths student on his mom's voice mail by accidentParent beats up bullyKindergarten brawlReaps new podcast Modern Satanism
Keywords: atheist podcast; skeptic; news
Downloads: 203
[audio]Danielle Whitelow Atheist Interview - Nate Velar
11-2-2011 Interview with Atheist Danielle Monique Whitelow and Nate Velar. Friends from FaceBook Atheist Groups
Keywords: Atheist; Atheism; religion; christianity
Downloads: 48
[audio]Atheists at the Table; Apr. 10, 2009 - Atheists at the Table
Show From: Apr. 10, 2009
Keywords: Atheism; atheist; religion; christianity
Downloads: 239
[audio]Atheists at the Table; March 27, 2009 - Edwin
Show From: Mar. 27, 2009
Keywords: Atheism; atheist; religion; christianity
Downloads: 217
[audio]godcast - silly cows
Irreverent Religious debate
Keywords: atheist religion big picture
Downloads: 172
[audio]ReapSowRadio #75 - Reap Paden
On this exciting ReapSowRadio podcast you will hear about-Ophelia Benson tells Al "I'm sorry"Are atheists just as bad as fundamentalist Christians?The internet is destroying us. We discuss how and why  Science explains the desire to eat babies"eraser button law" in CASexist gorilla gets helpMormon men finally allow women to watch while they do it 
Keywords: atheist; social media
Downloads: 425
[audio]PackardPokesAt00000beta - Packard Sonic
Host Packard Sonic on Twitter @Packard_Sonic or @PackardSonic Co host Eric Luquette on twitter @eluque1696
Keywords: News; comedy; atheism; atheist
Downloads: 109
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